Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A different way to knit.

Continental Knitting!

I didn't know I could get so exited about something so simple. This new to me style of knitting simply blew my mind today. Have I been knitting wrong all my life? No, I just learned in the more traditionally taught in the United States style called English, or throwing.

Continental is super speedy technic along with putting less strain on your wrists. My hands don't have the muscle memory for it yet and I'm really shakey since the yarn is held in the left have verses the right, but I'm looking forward to mastering this. It's like learning how to knit all over again.

Memory moment: I learned how to knit from my grandmother who taught me how when I was about 10. She wasn't much of a knitter, her heart and soul was and is in her quilting, but she knew the knit stitch, and so I had that one stitch. In high school I must have decided to knit something, goodness knows what, and I needed to learn how to bind off my work. I went to the school's library after classes let out for the day and found a basic book on knitting. Instead of checking it out I sat down on the floor, right there in the middle of the isle, took out my notebook and copied down the diagrams for casting off. Drawings of hands holding the needles, the position of the yarn, gave me more then words could. Now we have the internet, and streaming videos of hands making these movements to watch over and over again. I feel both spoiled and lucky to live in this age.

Friday, November 13, 2015

This week, in review

Recently it was brought to my attention that some people still do, in fact, read this blog, or once did. So I made a little mental note to myself and therefore I will try to pay more attention to updating here. I appreciate anyone who still graces their way across these digital pages.

I have spent the last 3 days policing the little gremlin pup named Mihoshi, who has a nervous habit of chewing on an open wound on her leg and a growing elephant skin business in the crook of her back leg. We have has some excellent bonding during this unseparated duration of time and she now has a good looking scab forming on the front leg. That's right, a good looking scab. Still working on that back leg though, but we’ll get there.

Today I completed my first pair of knitted house slippers, or I hope they are finished, I may felt them still. The pattern for which can be found here: bevscountrycottage.com/maggieslippers.html. I’m trying to find the perfect pattern for slippers but I found at least seven patterns (15 to be exact) so one by one I’m making each pair to determine a go-to. One down and 14 to go.

I tore the whole seat out of my house/PJ pants today. Once it started I wanted to see how far it went, it went the whole seat. That's 2 out of 2 this month, time to use the life skills learned in Home Economics class circa 1997 and construct a pair flannel pants.

Over the past week I have rekindled my relationship with compact disks, opting for a disc taken from the bag in the attic before heading out to run errands instead of default MPR news. It’s a wonderful time spend with myself, singing loudly to myself. I am an adult.

I’m in a Stitch and Bitch group that meets once a month, and also has food themes. Each month is a new food theme and this month is “Favorites”. This is such a hard decision if you, like me, are trying to be true to one's self and at the same time serve a group of people (aka nothing flavored with truffles). If I were to choose a favorite side dish it would be Sausage Sage and Apricot Stuffing- but that has to be cooked inside of a turkey. If is was my favorite guilty pleasure it would be Pillsbury Cresent Rolls in the pop open tube and port wine cheese spread. Thinking more simply I made my decision: cheese. I chose only crowd "favorites" (see what I did there) I gleened while flinging cheese: aged gouda from Holland, Cotswald from England, cave aged Gruyere from France, d’affinois double cream brie and french fresh goat cheese rolled in herbs. I also picked up a wedge of sticky stinky Italian Taleggio to consume as my dinner.

I think I am also ready to admit something, I’m looking forward to snow. It’s the middle of November, where is my snow?

Next week: I'll tell you about my process with re-roofing this house, and while you think it may be easy, picking a shingle color for a dark brown wooden house is not. Currently leaning in the direction of Driftwood, or black, or something with a green hue. I'm making a bigger deal out of this then i need to.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Red Hot Art 2015

Once again I will be participating in the Red Hot Art and Music Festival (redhotart.org) on Saturday July 25, from 11am to 7pm and Sunday July 26, from 11am to 5pm.

“Red Hot Art and Music Festival is a two-day grassroots festival featuring quality local art and music in a vibrant urban setting. Red Hot is presented by the Stevens Square Community Organization (SSCO), one of the longest running neighborhood organizations in the Twin Cities. Now in its 14th year, Red Hot expects 3000 to 5000 attendees over the last weekend in July.”

The fun takes place at Stevens Square Park in Minneapolis (1801 Stevens Avenue South, 55403), between 18th/19th Street (one block north of Franklin Avenue) and Stevens/2nd Ave (two blocks east of Nicollet Avenue, one block west of 3rd Avenue).

This year, along with jewelry items I will be debuting fuzzy little plush bunnies! They are upcycled from secondhand cashmere sweaters and each one is unique. The above image is the bun in it's current creation station habitat. 

This year I will be sharing a booth tent with the very talented Rachel Winter and her line Sweetpea and Co. Hand made locally screen printed organic baby infant bodysuits, baby shower gifts, burp cloth and bib sets made with organic cotton, flannel and terry cloth, and organic wooden teething rings.

We are going to be in the south west corner of the park, where the little yellow star is on the map above. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Good day to you!

You may have noticed a recent shift.

Kellyrelish.com has moved in the direction of this blog, while KellyLoija.com is the home of my portfolio work. With that step, Kellyrelish is free to be a little bit more creative and random.

My web work is still there, in fact you can view it using the link at the top of the page or going directly to KellyLoija.com

I am looking forward to filling up these pages once again, maybe you will to!


Monday, August 20, 2012

New Designs

I just listed a few new designs in the SHOP. These are slightly more free formed pieces. Keep an eye out for new items being posted over the next couple months.